“Unproven” Personal Reports and FDA Consumer Update Warning About Chlorine Dioxide

This is my short disclaimer about the information I am providing here. For a more detailed disclaimer go here. The personal reports I include here from others are unsolicited reports sent to me usually via email by someone who is grateful. They are “unproven” in the sense they are not proven by scientific studies to be safe and effective treatments for autism or other conditions. I am not saying these constitute scientific evidence or that they are representative of results that may occur, or that they have been substantiated by anyone with authority. These are merely positive reports I’ve received and I hope to stimulate scientific investigation of the techniques I have been using and recommending to find out why so many people sent in reports like this.

Anyone considering the use of chlorine dioxide needs to be aware the US Food and Drug Administration has issued a Consumer Update warning against the use of chlorine dioxide, see https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/danger-dont-drink-miracle-mineral-solution-or-similar-products. This warning and this stance taken by a government agency should be considered carefully by all parents. These chemicals are hazardous materials that must be handled with respect. In addition, dosages and guidelines must be understood and followed carefully. Myself and many other moms have found we could learn to use chlorine dioxide effectively, but this has yet to be recognized by government authorities. My recommendation is for parents to find a doctor who will be on board and supportive of using any of the self-help techniques I recommend. If you go searching, there are doctors who will be supportive.

A video greeting from Kerri Rivera:

When my book, Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism first came out, one of the cornerstone pieces of advice was to make sure our kids were getting 8 doses of CD daily, and more in certain extreme cases.

Since then, I’ve consulted with many families, especially those suffering from symptoms of PANS/PANDAS. I have found that going up from 8 doses a day to 16 doses a day really makes a big difference.

When we are dealing with “germs” like viruses and bacteria, staying ahead of the pathogens is a big deal. These can multiply rapidly in the body and we want to kill them and reduce their populations so that the body’s natural defenses can eventually keep them in check without supplemental support.

How To Get 16 Doses A Day

Dosing 16 hours a day means dosing every hour that the child is awake. Some families even dose at night, waking their child up once or twice at night in order to have a sip from the “baby bottle.”

The “Baby Bottle Method” is an easy way to dose CD that I explain in my book.

Similarly, using the baby bottle, an older child can take his doses from a glass water bottle – sipping throughout the day, for example in between classes at school. No one has to know. It doesn’t need to be awkward or embarrassing.

If your child is not responsible enough to be in charge of his dosing throughout the day, enlisting the school nurse, child care supervisors or other support staff can be an option, especially if you can get a doctor’s note.

In extreme cases, families will sometimes drive to school themselves to administer doses, or homeschool the child for a year – a wonderful year of health-recovery.

There are many different ways to handle dosing, but from a clinical perspective, it would be remiss if I just reported what was convenient, and didn’t apprise you of what works best.

So, a dose every hour or 45 minutes (16 times a day) or more is now my official first choice recommendation for a CD dosing schedule.

Also, check the book and make sure you are giving the right number of drops based on your child’s CURRENT weight. Remember – they keep growing and so you need to keep adjusting your dosages.

If you have questions or need additional help figuring this out, please send me an email and we will set up a consultation.

– Kerri Rivera



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¡Porqué 8 Dosis Pueden No Ser Suficientes!

Un video de saludo de Kerri Rivera:

Cuando apareció por primera vez mi libro, Sanando Los Síntomas Conocidos Como Autismo, uno de los consejos fundamentales fue asegurarnos de que nuestros hijos recibieran 8 dosis de CD al día, y más con seguridad casos extremos.

Desde entonces, he consultado con muchas familias, especialmente aquellas que sufren síntomas de PANS/PANDAS. He descubierto que aumentar de 8 dosis al día a 16 dosis al día realmente hace una gran diferencia.

Cuando tratamos con “gérmenes” como virus y bacterias, estar a la vanguardia de los patógenos es un gran problema. Estos pueden multiplicarse rápidamente en el cuerpo y queremos matarlos y reducir sus poblaciones para que las defensas naturales del cuerpo puedan mantenerlos bajo control sin apoyo adicional.

Dosificar 16 horas al día significa administrar cada hora que el niño está despierto. Algunas familias incluso toman dosis por la noche, despertando a su hijo una o dos veces por la noche para tomar un sorbo del “biberón”.

El “Método del Biberón” es una manera fácil de dosificar CD que explico en mi libro.

Del mismo modo, al usar el biberón, un niño mayor puede tomar sus dosis de un biberón de vidrio, bebiendo durante todo el día, por ejemplo entre clases en la escuela. Nadie tiene que saberlo. No necesita ser incómodo o vergonzoso.

Si su hijo no es lo suficientemente responsable como para estar a cargo de su dosificación durante todo el día, puede ser una opción contar con la enfermera de la escuela, los supervisores de cuidado infantil u otro personal de apoyo, especialmente si puede obtener una nota del médico.

En casos extremos, las familias a veces conducen a la escuela ellos mismos para administrar dosis, o educan al niño en casa durante un año, un maravilloso año de recuperación de la salud.

Hay muchas maneras diferentes de manejar la dosificación, pero desde una perspectiva clínica, sería negligente si solo informara lo que era conveniente y no le informara de lo que funciona mejor.

Entonces, una dosis cada hora o 45 minutos (16 veces al día) o más es ahora mi recomendación oficial de primera elección para un horario de dosificación de CD.

Además, revise el libro y asegúrese de dar la cantidad correcta de gotas según el peso ACTUAL de su hijo. Recuerde: siguen creciendo y, por lo tanto, debe seguir ajustando sus dosis.

Si tiene preguntas o necesita ayuda adicional para resolver esto, envíeme un correo electrónico y organizaremos una consulta.

– Kerri Rivera


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