Hello friends, just another wonderful testimonial to share with you. This one is from Dane’s mom. She is excited that he has begun speaking!

Many of our parents wonder if their non-verbal children with autism will be able to recover their speech. This is so important because it helps children communicate with family about their moods, desires, and how they are feeling.

Words also help parents feel like they are better able to connect with their children. Speaking is a big sign of progress and a major milestone in any autism family’s recovery story.

Here’s what the mother has to say!

“Just a quick update on my Dane.

“He has started to say several words… such as; red, three, purple, doctor, pickup truck, applesauce, apple tree, kitty cat, Peppa Pig, mom, dad, and WOW.

“LOL I redone his ATEC and we have dropped from 74 to 61. Then from a 61 to 52. 52 was yesterday’s score!

I was able to account for some language now. Yay!”

This is a big win and we are so happy for her and Dane!

Not everyone recovers speech at the same “level” of ATEC score, but if your child is not speaking yet, make sure you schedule a consult with me so we can get him on the right course of action.

Looking forward to hearing from you … and your child!…

– Kerri Rivera