“Unproven” Personal Reports and FDA Consumer Update Warning About Chlorine Dioxide

This is my short disclaimer about the information I am providing here. For a more detailed disclaimer go here. The personal reports I include here from others are unsolicited reports sent to me usually via email by someone who is grateful. They are “unproven” in the sense they are not proven by scientific studies to be safe and effective treatments for autism or other conditions. I am not saying these constitute scientific evidence or that they are representative of results that may occur, or that they have been substantiated by anyone with authority. These are merely positive reports I’ve received and I hope to stimulate scientific investigation of the techniques I have been using and recommending to find out why so many people sent in reports like this.

Anyone considering the use of chlorine dioxide needs to be aware the US Food and Drug Administration has issued a Consumer Update warning against the use of chlorine dioxide, see https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/danger-dont-drink-miracle-mineral-solution-or-similar-products. This warning and this stance taken by a government agency should be considered carefully by all parents. These chemicals are hazardous materials that must be handled with respect. In addition, dosages and guidelines must be understood and followed carefully. Myself and many other moms have found we could learn to use chlorine dioxide effectively, but this has yet to be recognized by government authorities. My recommendation is for parents to find a doctor who will be on board and supportive of using any of the self-help techniques I recommend. If you go searching, there are doctors who will be supportive.

Good morning, Kerri,

Just wanted to say “Thank YOU!” again and give you an update for my son Luke who has Type 1 Diabetes.

The black seed oil has tremendously helped with his absent seizures.

Sometimes he would have around 8 or 9 in a 5-minute period which would last around 10-seconds each and has been very embarrassing for him in school and 7th grade basketball.

Last week he went 3 days with NONE!

Next, I want to get him on your NEW protocol that I watched on Autism One ASAP and start the New Year right!

Thanks again very much!

– Luke’s Mom

Diabetes Tipo 1 Niño De Séptimo Grado: No Más Convulsiones

Buenos dias Kerri

Solo quería decir “¡Gracias!” de nuevo y le doy una actualización para mi hijo Luke que tiene diabetes tipo 1.

El aceite de semilla negra ha ayudado enormemente con sus incautaciones.

A veces tendría alrededor de 8 o 9 en un período de 5 minutos que duraría alrededor de 10 segundos cada uno y ha sido muy vergonzoso para él en la escuela y en el baloncesto de séptimo grado.

¡La semana pasada estuvo 3 días con NINGUNO!

¡Luego, quiero incluirlo en su NUEVO protocolo que vi en Autism One lo antes posible y comenzar el Año Nuevo correctamente!

Muchas gracias de nuevo!

– Luke’s Mom