Many of you have asked for updates on the ongoing censorship battles with social media platforms, trolls, and pro-vaccine legislation.

I invite you to listen to this recent interview I did with SGT report on YouTube.

Don’t let our discussion scare you. Just realize what you’re up against.

Understand why you don’t hear how to solve your health problems in the mainstream news media.

The good news is, you can still get the support you need to address your autism symptoms. Alternative health websites and social media are under attack, but we are still out here.

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Here’s Just Some Of What We Discuss In This Interview:

1) YouTube algorithm and censorship is making it harder to find free opinions and reporting.

2) Big Pharma says Autism symptoms can’t be helped.

3) NBC wrote a hit piece attacking parents who want to help their children.

4) There is an increase in state-mandated laws requiring children to be vaccinatedf (or have a doctor’s note) before they can enroll in public school.

Now, in California, they are trying to take away this exemption by saying the doctor’s opinion must be approved by a board of experts, in order for your child to be eligible for the medical exemption. California Senator Dr. Richard Pan is leading this charge. (watch at 6:28)

5) Similar legislation is now in place in New York, and New Jersey has it on the docket.

6) The medical review board evaluating doctors’ excuse notes would NOT consider ASD-related symptoms like gut health concerns, tics, immune issues to qualify for an exemption.

7) Discussion of an excellent article in defense of Kerri Rivera’s Chlorine Dioxide Protocol – Rebuttal article by Health Impact by John P. Thomas. The author is very qualified with a B.A. in Phsychology and a Masters of Biology.

8) The dangers of ongoing glyphosate exposure for everyone living in North America, and what to do about it.

9) How to get affordable access to the high-end autism therapies that you keep hearing about.

Make sure you tune in!

– Kerri Rivera
Doctor of Homeopathy