“Unproven” Personal Reports and FDA Consumer Update Warning About Chlorine Dioxide

This is my short disclaimer about the information I am providing here. For a more detailed disclaimer go here. The personal reports I include here from others are unsolicited reports sent to me usually via email by someone who is grateful. They are “unproven” in the sense they are not proven by scientific studies to be safe and effective treatments for autism or other conditions. I am not saying these constitute scientific evidence or that they are representative of results that may occur, or that they have been substantiated by anyone with authority. These are merely positive reports I’ve received and I hope to stimulate scientific investigation of the techniques I have been using and recommending to find out why so many people sent in reports like this.

Anyone considering the use of chlorine dioxide needs to be aware the US Food and Drug Administration has issued a Consumer Update warning against the use of chlorine dioxide, see https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/danger-dont-drink-miracle-mineral-solution-or-similar-products. This warning and this stance taken by a government agency should be considered carefully by all parents. These chemicals are hazardous materials that must be handled with respect. In addition, dosages and guidelines must be understood and followed carefully. Myself and many other moms have found we could learn to use chlorine dioxide effectively, but this has yet to be recognized by government authorities. My recommendation is for parents to find a doctor who will be on board and supportive of using any of the self-help techniques I recommend. If you go searching, there are doctors who will be supportive.

Although our number one goal here is to help families dealing with autism, I have the priviledge of consulting with people around the world with all other types of chronic health conditions as well.

Once they experience the benefits of the supplements we recommend, they start using them for other health conditions as well.

Here is a note from one of our “recovered families” where they still keep CD in the cupboard and she has found it very effective for keeping colds at bay.

Dear Kerri,

Please remind your readers about CD and its use for colds and flu!

A few weeks ago, one of my kids started coming down with a cold. I felt a little sore throat and took about 4 drops of CD. Then my other child and my husband got the cold. They took vitamins like Vitamin C, but I should have given them CD.

I took CD myself maybe once or twice a day, or if I ever felt like I was developing any cold symptoms. (I don’t like the smell so I didn’t dose throughout the day… ) I occasionally got the sniffles, but they would go away after I dosed.

We went to Thanksgiving, and shortly thereafter two relatives who had been “exposed” to us there also got the cold. (Oops!)

I would say that for our family this was a bad cold that lasted for over a week and was easily spread. I was the only one in the family who did not get the cold, and I was also the only one who took CD throughout the week.

I feel very fortunate that I didn’t get the cold. However, I wouldn’t say it was luck – CD to the rescue!

I 100% attribute my health that week to the CD dosing I did.

Keep it on hand for cold and flu season!

– Mom

Great idea! CD can be taken in hourly doses (e.g. using the “Baby Bottle Method.” It can also be put in a humidifier in a bedroom at night for low-level dosing and help with the nose/sinuses and lungs.

Let’s stay healthy this winter!

– Kerri Rivera
Doctor of Homeopathy


None of the products or statements on this website have been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. If you suspect you may have a disease or condition, you should consult a licensed healthcare practitioner.

¡Tenga el CD a mano para la temporada de resfriados y gripe!

Aunque nuestro objetivo número uno aquí es ayudar a las familias que se enfrentan al autismo, también tengo el privilegio de consultar con personas de todo el mundo con todos los demás tipos de afecciones crónicas de salud.

Una vez que experimentan los beneficios de los suplementos que recomendamos, comienzan a usarlos también para otras afecciones de salud.

Aquí hay una nota de una de nuestras “familias recuperadas” donde todavía mantienen el CD en el armario y lo ha encontrado muy efectivo para mantener a raya los resfriados.

Querida Kerri

¡Recuerde a sus lectores sobre el CD y su uso para los resfriados y la gripe!

Hace unas semanas, uno de mis hijos comenzó a resfriarse. Sentí un poco de dolor de garganta y tomé alrededor de 4 gotas de CD. Entonces mi otro hijo y mi esposo se resfriaron. Tomaron vitaminas como la vitamina C, pero debería haberles dado CD.

Tomé CD por mí mismo una o dos veces al día, o si alguna vez sentí que estaba desarrollando algún síntoma de resfriado. (No me gusta el olor, así que no tomé dosis durante todo el día …) De vez en cuando recibía los resfriados, pero desaparecían después de la dosificación.

Fuimos al Día de Acción de Gracias, y poco después dos parientes que habían estado “expuestos” a nosotros también se resfriaron. (¡Uy!)

Diría que para nuestra familia fue un resfriado que duró más de una semana y se contagió fácilmente. Yo era el único en la familia que no se resfriaba, y también era el único que tomaba CD durante toda la semana.

Me siento muy afortunado de no tener frío. Sin embargo, no diría que fue suerte: ¡CD al rescate!

Esa semana atribuí mi salud al 100% a la dosis de CD que hice.

¡Téngalo a mano para la temporada de resfriados y gripe!

– Mamá

¡Gran idea! El CD se puede tomar en dosis por hora (por ejemplo, utilizando el “Método del biberón”. También se puede poner en un humidificador en un dormitorio por la noche para una dosificación de bajo nivel y ayudar con la nariz / senos y pulmones.

¡Mantengámonos saludables este invierno!

– Kerri Rivera
Doctor of Homeopathy


Ninguno de los productos o declaraciones en este sitio web ha sido evaluado por la Administración de Drogas y Alimentos de los EE. UU. Y no está destinado a diagnosticar, tratar, curar o prevenir ninguna enfermedad o afección. Si sospecha que puede tener una enfermedad o afección, debe consultar a un profesional de la salud con licencia.