I had the pleasure to interview Dr Jessica Hayman. She is a naturopath from Sedona Arizona. Her range of tools for true healing are very interesting. I hope you come away with something learned from my interview with Dr Hayman. Enjoy!

My guest last week was a special mom of a special child. Holly Anderson is the RAW AND REAL AUTISM MOM on YouTube and has 7-ahead on YouTube as well. Holly, together with her fabulous husband Adam, along with their 5 kids show us how to be a family. As well as survival tips for parents with children on the autism spectrum. Holly is a breath of fresh air. Holly and Adam are great parents. I only wish all of us could be so good. There is a nice take away even for those who don’t have children. I enjoyed doing the interview with her. Hopefully I can interview both Holly and Adam together one day.

One of my favorite books in recent times has been THE CARNIVORE DIET By Dr Shawn Baker. People who contact me with chronic illness will often tell me that the diet they feel best on is the carnivore diet. So, I did it for 18 days. It is so true. My sleep improved as did the “getting old” pains in the body. I feel 25 even though the mirror on the wall says other wise. No worries. I would recommend anyone try it for a month and see how much better you can feel. Dr Baker was on my bucket list to interview. So happy to have met him.

What a great interview I had with author Mark Sloan. He has a website and fabulous books as well as a few give aways. He was moved to find an end to disease when he lost his mother to cancer treatments when he was 12. He has a new book coming out on polyunsaturated fatty acids. You will be shocked to see what oils are good for you and what are not. As well as my new favorite book, The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue. Mark Sloan is someone who will keep us moving forward.

Beth Gustafson is one of my favorite people in the world. I have not known her very long. I am not a good judge of character for the most part. But when we met, I felt safe. Beth is a healer and she heals people energetically from a distance. I have to say. That if it had not be ME who was the recipient of the healing I would not have believed it. Beth uses EVOK and other electronic healing devices. However, what sets Beth apart from the rest is that she has a gift that is clairvoyance and that really sets her apart. I highly recommend her to anyone.