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July 8th, 2019 / Kerri

If you have been a victim of any of these people described below, please write me with details including screen shots. We are gathering this material for investigators who are looking into these people

What follows may be shocking and unbelievable.

Unfortunately for the victims – and that includes anyone who is seeking treatment for the symptoms of autism – it’s true.

There is an organized ring in the United States and the UK that targets doctors, health care professionals, researchers, charities that advocate for children with autism, conference organizers, writers and families with autistic children.

They have been working together in a concerted fashion for several years now. Click here for profiles of some of these people and their activities

They operate under the theory that: 1) autism is not a serious disease, it is merely a style of “neurodiversity”, 2) the very idea of treating autism is a form or a abuse, and 3) even seeking a cure for autism is wrong.

Evidence of the ring’s handiwork

The activities of this ring include generating fake news items by misrepresenting basic science and manufacturing falsified evidence of child abuse and submitting it to Child Protective Services agencies and its equivalent in the UK as a way of harassing families. They also harass charities that advocate for children with autism and disrupt conferences and public film screenings.

Victims of their attacks include the late Jeff Bradstreet MD, Suzanne Humphries MD; the Autism Trust UK Charity; Irish Autism Action; the National Autistic Society of the UK; Caudwell Children’s Charity; REGRET, a charity to support people injured by Merck’s Gardasil vaccine; the producers of the documentary “Vaxxed”; and Autism One, an annual conference the presents research on autism prevention, treatment and cure

The leaders of this ring are, in the UK, Emma Dalmayne; in Ireland, Fionan O’Leary, and, in the US, Amanda Seigler and Melissa Eaton.

They’ve received endorsement and significant recruitment support for their operations from numerous press outlets, in particular NBC reporter Brandy Zadrozny who is also the news media’s leading advocate for “pedophile rights.” (Reference:

The purpose of this section is to document the activities of these people and make you aware that, with the encouragement of reporters like Zadrozny, they access private Facebook groups and websites, in order to find families to target. (Reference:

If you have been a victim of any of these people (see the organizational chart below), please write me with details including screen shots. We are gathering this material for investigators who are looking into these people

– Kerri Rivera

An Open Letter To Brandy Zadronzy and NBC

May 22nd, 2019 / Kerri

Brandy Zadrozny,

When you wrote me to ask how I “feel” about having my book being banned from Amazon, I asked you if you had any medical or science training or experience working with autistic children.

You said you did not.

At that point, I told you that this was a medical story and as such requires serious and sober consideration.

Your article is slander at its most base, produced for sensationalist purposes, and an affront to the many thousands of families struggling to help their autistic children.

#1 – Parents are not poisoning their children.

#2 – Chlorine dioxide is not in any way chemically related to household bleach. It is used in dental practice, as a purifier of public water supplies, and in sprays to decontaminate produce, meats and fish.

This very basic information is readily available from the American Chemical Council and its website which I directed you to.

There you would have learned that the CDC, the EPA, the WHO, and the FDA all approve of the use of chlorine dioxide in these applications.

Chlorine dioxide is used therapeutically by MDs in a number of countries including Germany. One has even written a book on the subject which is easily found.

To fail to report these basic facts in an article on chlorine dioxide is a form of fraud.

As for the two “experts” you relied on as the primary source for your article, they are, if real, misguided and misinformed individuals at best.

One, Melissa Eaton, who you say is from Salisbury, NC, has no public presence anywhere on the Internet other than your article. The other, Amanda Seigler, is a veterinary technician, dog groomer, and pet sitter. Honorable work, but hardly qualifications as an expert NBC should be consulting on medical matters.

That these two women are involved in an ongoing harassment campaign against families with autistic children is beyond shameful and it’s hard to imagine by what twisted logic you hold them up as heroes.

Their role models, Emma Dalmayne (UK) and Fiona O’Leary (Ireland), are well known for their harassment of groups like REGRET, an advocacy group in Ireland for girls and young women injured by Merck’s Gardasil vaccine; advocates for the legalization of CBD oil; Caudwell Children’s Charity; the Autism Trust UK Charity; Irish Autism Action; and the National Autistic Society of the UK.

The video below shows some of their handiwork in Dublin, Ireland.

That you would join these individuals in their work is a disgrace to you and NBC and while I may suffer torrents of hate mail triggered by your slanderous and dishonest article, I sleep well at night knowing I alleviated my own son’s autism symptoms massively and have helped thousands more including over 500 that have experience complete remission of all symptoms.

– Kerri Rivera

Emma Dalmayne and Fiona O’Leary… and their new colleague Brandy Zadrozny

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