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Autism Recovery Update – The GAPS Diet and MMS

October 9th, 2019 / Kerri

Here’s another Autism Recovery Update from Autism Warrior Mom Laurel.

Here autism mom Laurel discusses several important issues that she observed in treating her son, both before and after the Kerri Rivera protocol, which she began to implement in July 2018.

Timeline of Jeremy’s Adult Autism Recovery Journey

1) Jeremey was already experiencing autism symptoms as a child, but they got worse – in that he started experiencing seizures – after the tDap vaccination he receieved as a teenager. He also became extremely aggressive after being vaxxed.

2) The family tried seizure medication under the supervision of a doctor. The doctors kept changing his prescriptions because the medication wasn’t working. The seizures were getting worse and Jeremy would sometimes fall down and hit his head. One of his seizures lasted 22 minutes. It was a miracle he survived. It was a dangerous, untenable situation.

3) In 2009, when Jeremy turned 18, Jeremy went on the GAPS diet and moved into a residential care facility. He was not on any anti-seizure medications at this time, due to lack of efficacy. After starting the GAPS diet, the seizures became less frequent and severe.

4) In 2010-11, the adult-care facility reported he was still having occassional seizures a few times per month. The rate had declined from 20 seizures per week, to 5 per month, approximately.

5) Jeremy left the residential care facility and returned to living with his mother, Laurel, at the end of June 2018.

At that point, when he came home to live with his mother, Jeremy began the MMS protocol. (Kerri refers to this substance by its chemical name, Chlorine Dioxide.)

The Rate Of Seizures Declined Once Jeremy Started Taking CD

Prior to June: 5-6 Seizures per month at in-patient center

July: 4 Seizures

Aug: 3 Seizures

Sept: 1 Seizures

Oct: 1 Seizure

6) Now – one year later – October 2019, Jeremy has not had any additional seizures.

Laurel points out that they saw significant improvement from the change in diet, but that the seizures were not eliminated until the CD protocol that Kerri recommends was implemented.

If you would like to learn more about Laurel and her battle to help her son, please visit her Youtube Channel:

And her GoFundMe Page where she is raising money for legal fees:

“When The ATEC’s Dropping – Kids Start Talking!”

October 8th, 2019 / Kerri

Hello friends, just another wonderful testimonial to share with you. This one is from Dane’s mom. She is excited that he has begun speaking!

Many of our parents wonder if their non-verbal children with autism will be able to recover their speech. This is so important because it helps children communicate with family about their moods, desires, and how they are feeling.

Words also help parents feel like they are better able to connect with their children. Speaking is a big sign of progress and a major milestone in any autism family’s recovery story.

Here’s what the mother has to say!

“Just a quick update on my Dane.

“He has started to say several words… such as; red, three, purple, doctor, pickup truck, applesauce, apple tree, kitty cat, Peppa Pig, mom, dad, and WOW.

“LOL I redone his ATEC and we have dropped from 74 to 61. Then from a 61 to 52. 52 was yesterday’s score!

I was able to account for some language now. Yay!”

This is a big win and we are so happy for her and Dane!

Not everyone recovers speech at the same “level” of ATEC score, but if your child is not speaking yet, make sure you schedule a consult with me so we can get him on the right course of action.

Looking forward to hearing from you … and your child!…

– Kerri Rivera

PANS/PANDAS Symptoms Improved When We “Got Serious” About The Protocol

September 25th, 2019 / Kerri

Dearest Kerri,

I am excited to write you that our child’s ATEC is at 18 after eight months on your protocol.

Our child is 12 now, but at the age seven, the ”shadow-syndrome” that had been driving his behavior introduced itself to us in a dramatic way. Our child has PANDAS/ PANS. We could no longer attribute his over-the-top behavior to his age, maturity or gender. What looked like ADD, ADHD, and ODD (oppositional defiant disorder.), selective hearing, and nervousness (mixed with the sweetest and most loving personality a parent could ask for) changed 36 hours after his 7th birthday party. He could no longer hold a pencil without his hand shaking. He could no longer write. (His hand and head were shaking constantly.) He had non-stop motor and vocal tics, separation-anxiety, bed-wetting, night terrors, and everything that PANDAS/ PANS inflicts on a child and family. (The list of symptoms is absolutely endless and sadly, he had ALL of the symptoms.)

We had our church elders pray over us as a family. I believe that THE LORD heard our prayers and gave us an extra measure of strength and tenacity to get through the last five years. He also guided us to you.

After years of “managing” his illness with many alternative options, including (predominately) homeopathy and (later) the Buhner Protocol, some things were better, but his OCD symptoms were getting worse BY THE SECOND. We contacted you after the OCD rituals and compulsions become so bad we could only operate at the most basic level.

We purchased your book in the spring of 2015. We measured his ATEC in the spring of 2015 and forgot about his score as we pursued many rabbit trails. At that time, his score was 34 (28 points were in the behavior category).

After our consult with you, we measured his ATEC again. We were SHOCKED to realize that his ATEC had not dropped AT ALL since we took his score in the spring of 2015. This revelation was SERIOUSLY eye-opening for me. The ATEC score provided concrete proof that despite my best efforts, we were only “treading-water”. Thank God, his score did not get worse. But for all our efforts, we should have seen a full recovery and this was not the case. In fact, his OCD had gotten much worse.

As of September 2019, his ATEC score is 18 and his behavior category has now dropped to a “10”. He still has all of his OCD symptoms, but the intensity is less. Everything else is improving on a daily basis.

He can finally get through a full day of school. He understands verbal instructions and he is getting his confidence back. He has developed three new friendships with other children. He is able to read a book and understand the content. His focus is improving every day.

He enjoys being updated each time his ATEC drops a little. (It’s been a yo-yo.) The biggest ATEC decreases came (recently) after adding CD doses throughout the night (2 or 3 one-ounce doses every night from midnight to 8am~ 16 doses total in any 24 hour period), removing sugar, adding “Roby”, and month-long Mendendazole. We just added the ionic foot bath and we are seeing smaller pupils after ONLY two 15-minutes sessions.

I keep looking at my sweet child and smiling. I see the intensity leaving his body. This illness is devastating to a child’s development in EVERY possible way. It is devastating to families. Our world collapsed every day, year after year. Eventually, we made few (if any) plans to go anywhere and we just survived what each day brought.

In the last few months, I am seeing glimpses of freedom. I am able to sit down for a few minutes and NOT read a medical book. I am catching up on some housework. It’s nearly impossible to manage a household with PANDAS/ PANS. You never know what the next minute is going to bring.

The knowledge you share is priceless. The videos and testimonials are priceless. I have watched, listened and read them over and over again. I have followed your work since 2015. I only wish we had started the protocol sooner. But thank God, we are doing the protocol now. I look forward to writing you again when we achieve full recovery.

Kerri, I am thankful for you every day. May the Lord richly bless you and your work and may the Lord keep you and your loved ones in the palm of his hands.

Los Síntomas de PANS / PANDAS Mejoraron Cuando Tomamos En Serio El Protocolo

Querida Kerri,

Me complace escribirte que el ATEC de nuestro hijo tiene 18 años después de ocho meses en tu protocolo.

Nuestro hijo ahora tiene 12 años, pero a los siete años, el “síndrome de sombra” que había estado impulsando su comportamiento se nos presentó de manera dramática. Nuestro hijo tiene PANDAS / PANS. Ya no podíamos atribuir su comportamiento exagerado a su edad, madurez o género. Lo que parecía ADD, ADHD y ODD (trastorno de oposición desafiante), audición selectiva y nerviosismo (mezclado con la personalidad más dulce y cariñosa que un padre podría pedir) cambió 36 horas después de su fiesta de séptimo cumpleaños. Ya no podía sostener un lápiz sin que le temblara la mano. Ya no podía escribir. (Le temblaban constantemente la mano y la cabeza). Tenía tics motores y vocales sin parar, ansiedad por separación, orinarse en la cama, terrores nocturnos y todo lo que PANDAS / PANS inflige a un niño y a su familia. (La lista de síntomas es absolutamente interminable y, lamentablemente, tenía TODOS los síntomas).

Hicimos que nuestros ancianos de la iglesia oraran por nosotros como familia. Creo que EL SEÑOR escuchó nuestras oraciones y nos dio una medida extra de fortaleza y tenacidad para superar los últimos cinco años. Él también nos guió a ti.

Después de años de “controlar” su enfermedad con muchas opciones alternativas, incluida (predominantemente) la homeopatía y (más tarde) el Protocolo de Buhner, algunas cosas mejoraron, pero sus síntomas de TOC empeoraron POR SEGUNDO. Nos contactamos con usted después de que los rituales y compulsiones del TOC se vuelven tan malos que solo podríamos operar al nivel más básico.

Compramos su libro en la primavera de 2015. Medimos su ATEC en la primavera de 2015 y olvidamos su puntaje mientras perseguíamos muchos senderos de conejos. En ese momento, su puntaje era 34 (28 puntos estaban en la categoría de comportamiento).

Después de nuestra consulta con usted, medimos su ATEC nuevamente. Nos sorprendimos al darnos cuenta de que su ATEC no había disminuido en absoluto desde que obtuvimos su puntaje en la primavera de 2015. Esta revelación me abrió seriamente los ojos. El puntaje ATEC proporcionó pruebas concretas de que, a pesar de mis mejores esfuerzos, solo estábamos “pisando agua”. Gracias a Dios, su puntaje no empeoró. Pero a pesar de todos nuestros esfuerzos, deberíamos haber visto una recuperación total y este no fue el caso. De hecho, su TOC había empeorado mucho.

A partir de septiembre de 2019, su puntaje ATEC es 18 y su categoría de comportamiento ahora se ha reducido a un “10”. Todavía tiene todos sus síntomas de TOC, pero la intensidad es menor. Todo lo demás está mejorando a diario.

Finalmente puede pasar un día completo de escuela. Él entiende las instrucciones verbales y está recuperando su confianza. Ha desarrollado tres nuevas amistades con otros niños. Es capaz de leer un libro y entender el contenido. Su enfoque está mejorando cada día.

Le gusta ser actualizado cada vez que su ATEC cae un poco. (Ha sido un yoyo). Las mayores disminuciones de ATEC se produjeron (recientemente) después de agregar dosis de CD durante toda la noche (2 o 3 dosis de una onza cada noche desde la medianoche hasta las 8 am ~ 16 dosis en total en cualquier período de 24 horas), eliminando azúcar, agregando “Roby” y Mendendazol de un mes. Acabamos de agregar el baño de pies iónico y estamos viendo pupilas más pequeñas después de SOLO dos sesiones de 15 minutos.

Sigo mirando a mi dulce hijo y sonriendo. Veo la intensidad que abandona su cuerpo. Esta enfermedad es devastadora para el desarrollo de un niño de CADA manera posible. Es devastador para las familias. Nuestro mundo colapsó todos los días, año tras año. Eventualmente, hicimos pocos (si alguno) planes para ir a cualquier parte y simplemente sobrevivimos a lo que traía cada día.

En los últimos meses, veo vislumbres de libertad. Puedo sentarme unos minutos y NO leer un libro de medicina. Me estoy poniendo al día con algunas tareas del hogar. Es casi imposible administrar un hogar con PANDAS / PANS. Nunca se sabe lo que traerá el próximo minuto.

El conocimiento que comparte no tiene precio. Los videos y testimonios no tienen precio. Los he visto, escuchado y leído una y otra vez. He seguido su trabajo desde 2015. Solo desearía haber comenzado el protocolo antes. Pero gracias a Dios, estamos haciendo el protocolo ahora. Espero poder escribirle nuevamente cuando logremos una recuperación completa.

Kerri, estoy agradecido por ti todos los días. Que el Señor los bendiga ricamente a usted y su trabajo y que el Señor los mantenga a usted y a sus seres queridos en la palma de sus manos.

Celebrating Another Autism Recovery

September 23rd, 2019 / Kerri

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am when a family who is using our protocol tells me their child has recovered from autism. This is why I do the work that I do, and I celebrate each and every one of these victories.

Today’s success story comes from a family I consulted with. If you would like to consult with me regarding your child’s autism recovery, please let me know via email!

As referenced in the story, we use the ATEC score (Autism Treatment Effectiveness Checklist) to track the severity of children’s autism symptoms. The higher the score – the more the child is impacted by the symptoms of autism. A score below 10 indicates the child’s symptoms are below the diagnostic threshold for autism and that child is considered to be recovered. Click here to learn more about ATEC scores.

This mom writes about her son’s autism recovery:

Kerri my boy is recovered fully – not sure if you added him.

I’m sure his ATEC was about 52 when I spoke to you on that video call and he was non-verbal and in nappies [diapers] (aged 3.5). I checked his ATEC about a week ago and it was 6.

He is absolutely loving school, which started a few weeks ago – aged 4 and is at a gymnastics and athletics club too. He loves kids parties (used to hide under tables due to being overwhelmed).

I don’t even know if he would be speaking now if it wasn’t for your help.

Love and hugs to you xx

Thanks again to this brave and committed mother for writing in to share her story.

I hope you are inspired to take action as well.

If there is more that I can do to help you in your journey, please don’t hesitate to write in and let me know!

– Kerri Rivera
Doctor of Homeopathy


None of the products or statements on this website have been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. If you suspect you may have a disease or condition, you should consult a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Celebrando otra recuperación del autismo

No puedo comenzar a decirle lo feliz que estoy cuando una familia que usa nuestro protocolo me dice que su hijo se ha recuperado del autismo. Por eso hago el trabajo que hago y celebro todas y cada una de estas victorias.

La historia de éxito de hoy proviene de una familia con la que consulté. Si desea consultarme sobre la recuperación del autismo de su hijo, ¡hágamelo saber por correo electrónico!

Como se menciona en la historia, utilizamos el puntaje ATEC (Lista de verificación de efectividad del tratamiento del autismo) para rastrear la gravedad de los síntomas del autismo de los niños. Cuanto más alto sea el puntaje, más se ven afectados los síntomas del autismo en el niño. Un puntaje por debajo de 10 indica que los síntomas del niño están por debajo del umbral de diagnóstico para el autismo y se considera que ese niño se ha recuperado. Haga clic aquí para obtener más información sobre los puntajes ATEC.

Esta madre escribe sobre la recuperación del autismo de su hijo:

Kerri, mi hijo, está completamente recuperado, no estoy seguro de si lo agregaste.

Estoy seguro de que su ATEC tenía unos 52 años cuando te hablé en esa videollamada y no era verbal y usaba pañales [pañales] (de 3,5 años). Revisé su ATEC hace una semana y eran las 6.

Le encanta la escuela, que comenzó hace unas semanas, a los 4 años, y también está en un club de gimnasia y atletismo. Le encantan las fiestas infantiles (solía esconderse debajo de las mesas debido a que estaba abrumado).

Ni siquiera sé si estaría hablando ahora si no fuera por tu ayuda.

Amor y abrazos para ti. XX

Gracias de nuevo a esta valiente y comprometida madre por escribir para compartir su historia.

Espero que esté inspirado para tomar medidas también.

Si hay algo más que pueda hacer para ayudarlo en su viaje, ¡no dude en escribirme y hágamelo saber!

– Kerri Rivera
Doctor of Homeopathy

Descargo de responsabilidad:

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28-Year Old Autistic Son Improves Health and Autism Symptoms On Kerri Rivera’s Protocol

September 17th, 2019 / Kerri

Autism Warrior Mom Laurel is working hard to help her four autistic children recover from autism.

She has started the Kerri Rivera Autism Protocol and is very enthusiastic about her 28-year-old autistic son’s progress.

This video shows the self-injurious behavior Jeremy was experiencing – hitting and biting himself. It also shows the tics and spastic behavior he was exhibiting, in terms of grunts, noisy breathing, irregular facial expressions, and more.

You will be amazed when you see this before and after video.

Watch this video to see which symptoms went away first and what elements of the protocol have been helpful to their family.

If you are so moved, Laurel needs our help as she is fighting media attacks and wants to keep her children home with her, and not be institutionalized.

Visit her GoFundMe site to see what she is up against.

Laurel says:

“It’s been a year since we started the CD/MMS protocol with Kerri Rivera. Jeremy is so much happier and healthier now, don’t just take my word for it see for yourself!

Please like and share this video!

“And if you feel led, we would greatly appreciate any donation you would be willing to give to help us obtain legal representation to fight the attacks from NBC News, & Brad and Karrie Austin.

We have a gofundme set up for this purpose!”

Thank you parents, who are working to fight for your children and help spread the word to others.

If you have any questions for me, please email back.

In the meantime, make sure you get a copy of my book, if you haven’t already, and begin your own autism recovery journey!

– Kerri Rivera
Doctor of Homeopathy


None of the products or statements on this website have been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. If you suspect you may have a disease or condition, you should consult a licensed healthcare practitioner.

El hijo autista de 28 años mejora los síntomas de salud y autismo en el protocolo de Kerri Rivera

Autism Warrior Mom Laurel está trabajando duro para ayudar a sus cuatro hijos autistas a recuperarse del autismo.

Ella comenzó el Protocolo de Autismo Kerri Rivera y está muy entusiasmada con el progreso de su hijo autista de 28 años.

Mire este video para ver qué síntomas desaparecieron primero y qué elementos del protocolo han sido útiles para su familia.

Si está tan conmovida, Laurel necesita nuestra ayuda ya que está luchando contra los ataques de los medios y quiere mantener a sus hijos en casa con ella, y no ser institucionalizada.

Visite su sitio GoFundMe para ver a qué se enfrenta.

Laurel dice:

“Ha pasado un año desde que comenzamos el protocolo de CD / MMS con Kerri Rivera. Jeremy está mucho más feliz y saludable ahora, ¡no te confíes en mi palabra!

¡Dale me gusta y comparte este video!

“Y si se siente guiado, agradeceríamos cualquier donación que esté dispuesto a dar para ayudarnos a obtener representación legal para combatir los ataques de NBC News, y Brad y Karrie Austin.

¡Tenemos un gofundme creado para este propósito! “

Gracias padres, que están trabajando para luchar por sus hijos y ayudar a correr la voz entre los demás.

Si tiene alguna pregunta para mí, envíe un correo electrónico de vuelta.

Mientras tanto, asegúrese de obtener una copia de mi libro, si aún no lo ha hecho, y comience su propio viaje de recuperación del autismo.

– Kerri Rivera
Doctor of Homeopathy

Descargo de responsabilidad:

Ninguno de los productos o declaraciones en este sitio web ha sido evaluado por la Administración de Drogas y Alimentos de los EE. UU. Y no tiene la intención de diagnosticar, tratar, curar o prevenir ninguna enfermedad o afección. Si sospecha que puede tener una enfermedad o afección, debe consultar a un profesional de la salud con licencia.

Adult Autistic Son Begins To Recover Speech

September 3rd, 2019 / Kerri

Hello Kerri!

My adult son Z has severe autism. We have been doing the diet for half a year and we started recently on the CD protocol.

I just wanted to share with you that he said his first word! He said “beach” when he saw a picture of the ocean.

Thank you Kerri, you are an absolute angel from heaven!


Another Autism Recovery: Mom Shares Journey To ATEC 7!

September 2nd, 2019 / Kerri

After two years on the Kerri Rivera autism protocol, this darling girl went from ATEC 79 to ATEC 7… just in time for a successful start in Kindergarten. Her ABA aide was stunned!

Despite battling with PANDAS and anxiety over the summer, this fall will be a success!

Hi Kerri,

I am writing to let you know that Little Miss had an amazing first week of Kindergarten! Her ABA therapist who has been working with her the last two years observed her in the classroom and reported that “she is a different child at school.” She is present, focused, and social and shows no anxiety in the large class of 22. She follows all classroom routines with only a bit of prompting from the aide, sits at circle time and participates in all the activities directed by the teacher. It’s almost surreal. We did her ATEC again and were happy to see that after 2 full years on your protocol it is now a 7! We started with 79.

I have to say that just 3 months ago we were nervous about sending her to kindergarten. She was in a major PANDAS flare that seemed to last almost 5 months, January to May. Her ATEC fluctuated between 25 and 40 depending on a good/bad day. We could not get her to eat her regular KetoKerri foods so we went off keto in hopes that she would eat a variety of other nutritious foods. She refused everything and at one point, we were literally down to bananas for a week or so. She lost some weight during that time too. We are so grateful to you for guiding us through the flares. I believe KK Chondroitin Sulfate with vit. D was a game changer for her PANDAS. By May, we had increased her dose to 5 full droppers several times a day, in addition to 14-16 doses of CD, enemas, salt baths, Humic/Fulvic, the Ultrabinder and the ionic foot baths.

At the end of May we went on a 5 week beach vacation. About a week into it her appetite started improving, and with that her behaviors improved as well. Her anxiety and phobias (her major pandas symptoms) just started going away. She overcame her fear of water and practiced swimming with her floaty on in the pool and the ocean! In June I did her ATEC and it had gone down to 15. It is also interesting that she kept improving even through the PANDAS flares as far as her cognitive progress went. We stuck with the protocol on our vacation and it was a lot of work, especially when we just wanted to forget about it and have fun. Handfuls of parasites came out during that time, and with every passing day of the parasite protocol, her speech just kept getting better, she was calm and happy and just enjoying that time with us.

Kerri, we couldn’t have done it without you. There were times when we did not believe she would ever recover, so we are forever grateful for being patient with us, answering all our questions and just being there for us always ❤️ We will keep going until we get to ATEC zero and beyond if necessary!

– Her Mom

Thanks for writing in, Mom, and sharing your success story with all those who are still on the journey to recovery.Your dedication to sticking with the protocol, even when things seemed difficult, when you were on vacation, when symptoms were flaring helps to make the difference!

– Kerri Rivera
Doctor of Homeopathy

Like the mother above, many of the people I consult with on skype have great results from Breakthrough Vitamin D (chondroiton sulfate) which can be found at, along with the other supplements mentioned.


None of the products or statements on this website have been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. If you suspect you may have a disease or condition, you should consult a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Otra Recuperación Del Autismo: ¡Mamá Comparte Viaje A ATEC 7!

Después de dos años en el protocolo de autismo Kerri Rivera, esta querida niña pasó de ATEC 79 a ATEC 7 … justo a tiempo para un comienzo exitoso en el jardín de infantes. ¡Su asistente de ABA quedó atónito!

A pesar de luchar con PANDAS y la ansiedad durante el verano, ¡este otoño será un éxito!

Hola kerri

¡Le escribo para hacerle saber que Little Miss tuvo una increíble primera semana de Kindergarten! Su terapeuta ABA que ha estado trabajando con ella en los últimos dos años la observó en el aula y le informó que “ella es una niña diferente en la escuela”. Está presente, enfocada y es social y no muestra ansiedad en la gran clase de 22. Ella sigue todas las rutinas del aula con solo un poco de ayuda del ayudante, se sienta a la hora del círculo y participa en todas las actividades dirigidas por el maestro. Es casi surrealista. Hicimos su ATEC nuevamente y nos alegramos de ver que después de 2 años completos en su protocolo, ¡ahora es un 7! Comenzamos con 79.

Tengo que decir que hace solo 3 meses estábamos nerviosos por enviarla a la guardería. Estaba en una gran crisis de PANDAS que parecía durar casi 5 meses, de enero a mayo. Su ATEC fluctuó entre 25 y 40 dependiendo de un día bueno / malo. No pudimos conseguir que comiera sus alimentos regulares de KetoKerri, así que salimos del ceto con la esperanza de que comiera una variedad de otros alimentos nutritivos. Ella rechazó todo y, en un momento, literalmente nos quedamos con el plátano durante una semana más o menos. Ella perdió algo de peso durante ese tiempo también. Estamos muy agradecidos por guiarnos a través de las bengalas. Creo que el sulfato de condroitina KK con vit. D fue un cambio de juego para sus PANDAS. Para mayo, habíamos aumentado su dosis a 5 goteros completos varias veces al día, además de 14-16 dosis de CD, enemas, baños de sal, Humic / Fulvic, Ultrabinder y baños de pies iónicos.

A finales de mayo fuimos a unas vacaciones de playa de 5 semanas. Aproximadamente una semana después, su apetito comenzó a mejorar, y con eso también mejoró su comportamiento. Su ansiedad y fobias (sus principales síntomas de pandas) comenzaron a desaparecer. ¡Ella superó su miedo al agua y practicó nadar con su flotador en la piscina y el océano! En junio hice su ATEC y había bajado a 15. También es interesante que ella siguiera mejorando incluso a través de las crisis de PANDAS en lo que respecta a su progreso cognitivo. Nos quedamos con el protocolo en nuestras vacaciones y fue mucho trabajo, especialmente cuando solo queríamos olvidarlo y divertirnos. Unos cuantos parásitos salieron durante ese tiempo, y con cada día que pasaba el protocolo del parásito, su discurso seguía mejorando, estaba tranquila y feliz y solo disfrutaba ese tiempo con nosotros.

Kerri, no podríamos haberlo hecho sin ti. Hubo momentos en los que no creíamos que ella alguna vez se recuperaría, por lo que estamos eternamente agradecidos por ser pacientes con nosotros, responder a todas nuestras preguntas y simplemente estar allí para nosotros siempre ❤️ Seguiremos adelante hasta llegar a ATEC cero y más allá si es necesario!

– Su madre

Gracias por escribir, mamá, y compartir su historia de éxito con todos aquellos que todavía están en el camino hacia la recuperación. Su dedicación a seguir el protocolo, incluso cuando las cosas parecían difíciles, cuando estaba de vacaciones, cuando los síntomas empeoraban. ¡Haz la diferencia!

– Kerri Rivera
Doctor of Homeopathy

Al igual que la madre anterior, muchas de las personas con las que consulto en Skype tienen excelentes resultados con la vitamina D revolucionaria (sulfato de condroitón) que se puede encontrar en, junto con los otros suplementos mencionados.


Ninguno de los productos o declaraciones en este sitio web ha sido evaluado por la Administración de Drogas y Alimentos de los EE. UU. Y no tiene la intención de diagnosticar, tratar, curar o prevenir ninguna enfermedad o afección. Si sospecha que puede tener una enfermedad o afección, debe consultar a un profesional de la salud con licencia.

Massive 56-point ATEC Score Improvement On First Part Of Autism Protocol

August 27th, 2019 / Kerri

Hi Kerri!

I hope you are doing well! J is doing fantastic on the protocol. 🙂

We haven’t begun the pp yet as it’s been just crazy here even getting to full dose, we have had soooo many therapist here this summer it was hard to find a moment to get everything straight.

But I did want you to know I took his ATEC and it was 78!!!!! I know you talk to many people so just a reminder it was 134 when we started! Wow, this is crazy and I can’t thank you enough!!! And that’s with it being crazy I can’t imagine how far we would be if we would have done it 100% correct. It’s starting to slow down here now so I have full plans on doing everything exactly from here on out!

Thank you so much ! I hope you and your family the very best! You really are changing peoples’ lives!!

27 Year Old Autistic Man Says First Words in 24 Years!

August 12th, 2019 / Kerri

I am so happy to announce another victory! This morning, my son J said “more”! This makes his fourth word since he started the CD protocol.

J lost speech around the age of 2.5-3.5 years old. He has never spoken even one word in these 24 years until now. He started CD/MMS in June 2018. That is the only variable There is no denying this! His seiures completely stopped within 3 months. His arms are healed from the self-injurious behavior. We owe all honor and praise to the Most High Father, and Son our Messiah Yahusha!

We are also very grateful to Kerri Rivera. She has put herself on the line to help children and adults who suffer from heavy metal toxicity. Please pray for her, for all of us, as the enemy is setting a snare and targetting those who are TRULY helping others! They are even trying to deny the vaccine damage which puts more children at greater risk! Please pray for the will of the Father to be done! And please continue to pray for Jeremy as he gains his life back!

– J’s Mom

3 Months on CD – Social & Behavior Improvements. 2 Days on Vitamin D – Breakthrough!

July 30th, 2019 / Kerri

Dear Kerri,

We have been on the chlorine dioxide protocol since April 22 (3 months) along with enemas.

My son’s poor behavior has lessened significantly. His social skills have increased.

We just started Breakthrough Vitamin D, about 4 days ago. IMMEDIATELY my son has started telling us he had to go potty, and after being on the vitamins 2 more days, he INDEPENDENTLY goes to the potty.

He is doing what he is asked, and he is happier.

My other son, who was away for one week said, “What did you give him now? He is different. He is actually listening and doing what we’ve asked.”

The stress level in our home has gone down significantly.

I can’t wait for more positive changes and I can’t thank you enough, Kerri, for your courage to keep spreading your knowledge!!

– Sincerely, J

© 2020 Kerri Rivera