“Unproven” Personal Reports and FDA Consumer Update Warning About Chlorine Dioxide

This is my short disclaimer about the information I am providing here. For a more detailed disclaimer go here. The personal reports I include here from others are unsolicited reports sent to me usually via email by someone who is grateful. They are “unproven” in the sense they are not proven by scientific studies to be safe and effective treatments for autism or other conditions. I am not saying these constitute scientific evidence or that they are representative of results that may occur, or that they have been substantiated by anyone with authority. These are merely positive reports I’ve received and I hope to stimulate scientific investigation of the techniques I have been using and recommending to find out why so many people sent in reports like this.

Anyone considering the use of chlorine dioxide needs to be aware the US Food and Drug Administration has issued a Consumer Update warning against the use of chlorine dioxide, see https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/danger-dont-drink-miracle-mineral-solution-or-similar-products. This warning and this stance taken by a government agency should be considered carefully by all parents. These chemicals are hazardous materials that must be handled with respect. In addition, dosages and guidelines must be understood and followed carefully. Myself and many other moms have found we could learn to use chlorine dioxide effectively, but this has yet to be recognized by government authorities. My recommendation is for parents to find a doctor who will be on board and supportive of using any of the self-help techniques I recommend. If you go searching, there are doctors who will be supportive.

Hello My Dear Friends,

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you today a few powerful articles that came across my desk.

1) The first is a blog discussing the politics behind vaccinations and the Anti-Vaxxer movement by Elissa Meininger, Historian and Health Policy Analyst. The title: Why Anti-Vaxxers Are So Hated, – And So Critical To Saving Western Civilization.

Ms. Meininger doesn’t pull any punches and this is full of hot-button issues. Here she discusses:

– The UN’s Agenda 21 depopulation goals,

– How and why schools are stripping our ability to think critcally and reason logically,

– The damage caused by political correctness, and

– What a re-election for President Trump may mean for the pharmacy industry and vaccine legislative policy.

Don’t miss it! Why Anti-Vaxxers Are So Hated

2) The second article is a follow-up by Christina England BA, whose work we recently featured here: Chlorine Dioxide and Autism – Just The Facts.

In this new piece she is featuring a mother in our community who has been slandered by the press for her use of our protocol.

Despite her son’s improvement on the protocol, she is now in a legal battle with her former husband.

See what you think on this video.

Then read the back-story here, including other uses for chlorine dioxide.

Mom Accuses NBC News of Slander In Battle Over CD Protocol.

If you are able, Mrs. Austin could use your help!


Thank you so much for reading these articles and becoming a better-educated citizen, responsible for your own health choices. Please stand with us as we create and support a community of advocates who want to see the world a freer and healthier place.

– Kerri Rivera



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