Here’s another Autism Recovery Update from Autism Warrior Mom Laurel.

Here autism mom Laurel discusses several important issues that she observed in treating her son, both before and after the Kerri Rivera protocol, which she began to implement in July 2018.

Timeline of Jeremy’s Adult Autism Recovery Journey

1) Jeremey was already experiencing autism symptoms as a child, but they got worse – in that he started experiencing seizures – after the tDap vaccination he receieved as a teenager. He also became extremely aggressive after being vaxxed.

2) The family tried seizure medication under the supervision of a doctor. The doctors kept changing his prescriptions because the medication wasn’t working. The seizures were getting worse and Jeremy would sometimes fall down and hit his head. One of his seizures lasted 22 minutes. It was a miracle he survived. It was a dangerous, untenable situation.

3) In 2009, when Jeremy turned 18, Jeremy went on the GAPS diet and moved into a residential care facility. He was not on any anti-seizure medications at this time, due to lack of efficacy. After starting the GAPS diet, the seizures became less frequent and severe.

4) In 2010-11, the adult-care facility reported he was still having occassional seizures a few times per month. The rate had declined from 20 seizures per week, to 5 per month, approximately.

5) Jeremy left the residential care facility and returned to living with his mother, Laurel, at the end of June 2018.

At that point, when he came home to live with his mother, Jeremy began the MMS protocol. (Kerri refers to this substance by its chemical name, Chlorine Dioxide.)

The Rate Of Seizures Declined Once Jeremy Started Taking CD

Prior to June: 5-6 Seizures per month at in-patient center

July: 4 Seizures

Aug: 3 Seizures

Sept: 1 Seizures

Oct: 1 Seizure

6) Now – one year later – October 2019, Jeremy has not had any additional seizures.

Laurel points out that they saw significant improvement from the change in diet, but that the seizures were not eliminated until the CD protocol that Kerri recommends was implemented.

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