Dear Kerri,

We have been on the chlorine dioxide protocol since April 22 (3 months) along with enemas.

My son’s poor behavior has lessened significantly. His social skills have increased.

We just started Breakthrough Vitamin D, about 4 days ago. IMMEDIATELY my son has started telling us he had to go potty, and after being on the vitamins 2 more days, he INDEPENDENTLY goes to the potty.

He is doing what he is asked, and he is happier.

My other son, who was away for one week said, “What did you give him now? He is different. He is actually listening and doing what we’ve asked.”

The stress level in our home has gone down significantly.

I can’t wait for more positive changes and I can’t thank you enough, Kerri, for your courage to keep spreading your knowledge!!

– Sincerely, J