I am so happy to announce another victory! This morning, my son J said “more”! This makes his fourth word since he started the CD protocol.

J lost speech around the age of 2.5-3.5 years old. He has never spoken even one word in these 24 years until now. He started CD/MMS in June 2018. That is the only variable There is no denying this! His seiures completely stopped within 3 months. His arms are healed from the self-injurious behavior. We owe all honor and praise to the Most High Father, and Son our Messiah Yahusha!

We are also very grateful to Kerri Rivera. She has put herself on the line to help children and adults who suffer from heavy metal toxicity. Please pray for her, for all of us, as the enemy is setting a snare and targetting those who are TRULY helping others! They are even trying to deny the vaccine damage which puts more children at greater risk! Please pray for the will of the Father to be done! And please continue to pray for Jeremy as he gains his life back!

– J’s Mom