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February 2020

12-Year Old Shocks Mom: Recovering Sleep, GI Health, and Social Skills on the Kerri Rivera Autism Protocol

Dear friends, I want to share another success story from the mother of my young friend Max. Max is recovering from autism, with a peak ATEC of 126. He would actively avoid interacting with family members, was anxious and not… Continue Reading →

Donor Sponsors Chlorine Dioxide Kits For First 100 People

Amazing – Bob Sisson (a.k.a. “Bob the Plumber) of IAMtv has teamed up with an autism mom from our community, Laurel Austin, to give away 100 free chlorine dioxide starter kits. If you have never used chlorine dioxide before and… Continue Reading →

Behind the Scenes With Vaccines: The W.H.O. Discusses Risks and Public Perception Of Vaccinations

My Vaccine Story I was asked in an interview one time, “If you could go back and change one thing in your life, what would it be?” My answer was that I would not have vaccinated my children. As you… Continue Reading →

Kill, Cure, Stop – How to Heal The CoronaVirus Epidemic

In this important video by Health Ranger Mike Adams, Mike reports Coronavirus has been declared a “global pandemic” according to the WHO – meaning it is spreading from person-to-person in multiple countries outside of China. CoronaVirus Is Spreading Quickly In… Continue Reading →

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