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December 2019

Keep CD on Hand For Cold And Flu Season!

Although our number one goal here is to help families dealing with autism, I have the priviledge of consulting with people around the world with all other types of chronic health conditions as well. Once they experience the benefits of… Continue Reading →

Type 1 Diabetes 7th Grade Boy: No More Seizures

Good morning, Kerri, Just wanted to say “Thank YOU!” again and give you an update for my son Luke who has Type 1 Diabetes. The black seed oil has tremendously helped with his absent seizures. Sometimes he would have around… Continue Reading →

Kerri’s Videos On New Brighteon Channel

I wanted to share a huge resource my team has put together for you… our video catalog. As you know, many of the videos I’ve made in the past years have been taken down from YouTube because of their aggressive… Continue Reading →

Progress Report: No More Aggressive Spitting! Happier and Doing Better In School!

Here is a report from David’s mom. He is returning to a healthier weight and his behavior is getting better. Mom and son are both happier! Hi Kerri, Hope you are well. Just wanted to say thank you so much… Continue Reading →

Jim Humble Documentary – MMS The “Cure” For Humanity?

Independent film maker Sacha Stone created this film, A Humble Story, as the fulfillment of a multi-year dream and an extension of his humanitarian mission.  While watching, ask yourself: – Is Chlorine Dioxide the “God Particle”? – Why do… Continue Reading →

Recognizing and Preventing Neurological Damage in Children and Adults

The presenter in this video is chiropractor, Dr. John Bergman. I don’t know him personally, but in this video he does a great job of citing statistics and studies that help shed the light on how pervasive neurotoxicity is –… Continue Reading →

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