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November 2019

From ATEC 86 to Autism Recovery in 22 Months!

Dear friends we have another ATEC BELOW 10 – Another recovered child! She is a beautiful little girl. I will let her father tell you her story. Hi Kerri, Thank you so much for working so hard in sharing the… Continue Reading →

Mark and Joe Grenon, Of Jim Humble’s Genesis II Church, Interview Kerri Rivera Regarding Using CD To Treat Autism Symptoms

I Became An Autism Researcher Like So Many Of Us Have – As A Concerned Parent When my son was diagnosed with autism, I tried everything to help him – thousands and thousands of dollars and years and years worth… Continue Reading →

Kerri Rivera’s Autism Protocol Video – Autism One 2019

– Kerri Rivera Doctor of Homeopathy

13 Year Old Autistic Child Goes From Severe Symptoms, To High Functioning in Six Months

Child’s Age: 13 years old May 2019 ATEC: 129 Started CD Protocol with PP. Six Month Update! November 2019 ATEC: 38 (This is the range of “high functioning autism.”) WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Autism is curable. Don’t fear the propaganda about… Continue Reading →

Update: Laurel’s Fight For The Health And Freedom Of Her Adult Autistic Sons

 Truth is coming to light! Here we have a video interview-update from our “Hero Mom,” Laurel Austin, who is fighting for medical freedom to treat her two autistic adult sons. Many of us have supported her GoFundMe campaign, and… Continue Reading →

Flint, MI’s High-Lead Water Leads to Autism, Learning Disabilities

In this article from the New York Times, parents and teachers note the incredible increase in special-needs educational programs after a 2014 lead-contamination of the city’s water resulted the over-exposure of thousands of children to lead, a known neuro-toxin.… Continue Reading →

Autism Recovery Success Story – Starting ATEC 79 – 3 Year Old

Celebrate another autism recovery with us today. This child had an ATEC of 79 when he started biomedical treatments for autism. He was able to get part-way there with footbaths and bemer mat. Kerri Rivera’s protocol got him over the… Continue Reading →

Autism One Interviews Kerri Rivera – 2019: Affordable Autism Treatment

 Kerri Rivera Interviewed by Candyce Estave of Autism One Have you ever heard of the Autism One conference in Chicago? It’s a fabulous truth-telling annual event, and I encourage everyone to go. I have spoken there many times. This… Continue Reading →

The Autism Protocol “They” Don’t Want You To Know About

Busy in the front-line autism trenches, I would like to think there is a swath of armed support behind me, advancing the research to improve autism recovery rates and treatment outcomes for those affected. However, I have learned over the… Continue Reading →

Autism Linked To Brain Inflammation In New Study

Autism is in the news again… what causes autism and how can we stop it, heal it, cure it, or turn it back? A recent article posted by highlights the link between chronic brain inflammation and autism. Scientists have… Continue Reading →

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