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October 2019

Getting The Autism Supplements Right Makes A Difference!

A wonderful new testimonial story for you! This child is starting to main-stream more at school, is learning better and has had a 20+ ATEC Drop! Hi Kerri, I am very very happy!!! As soon as we started giving clay… Continue Reading →

What The Pharmacuetical Industry Won’t Tell You About Vaccines, Autism and Chlorine Dioxide

 Dear friends, I wanted to share this barn-burner video with you! This is a wonderful discussion with Dr. Stephanie Seneff and the good folks and IAM TV who are seeking to expose the truth behind some of the harmful… Continue Reading →

Why 8 Doses May Not Be Enough!

A video greeting from Kerri Rivera:  When my book, Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism first came out, one of the cornerstone pieces of advice was to make sure our kids were getting 8 doses of CD daily, and… Continue Reading →

Another Autism Recovery – With The Kerri Rivera Protocol!

Dear families, I am so glad to announce that I have just heard a report from another family who says their son has recently recovered from autism! They live in Venezuela, which currently has very difficult political situation which made… Continue Reading →

CD Protocol 2019 – Spanish

– Kerri Rivera Doctor of Homeopathy

The Right Autism Supplement For Speech Recovery

A video greeting from Kerri Rivera:  Many of the families I consult with who have children who are either non-verbal, or who speak, but not in the appropriate manner, have reported excellent results with this product. Speech Problems Common… Continue Reading →

Autism Recovery Update – The GAPS Diet and MMS

Here’s another Autism Recovery Update from Autism Warrior Mom Laurel.  Here autism mom Laurel discusses several important issues that she observed in treating her son, both before and after the Kerri Rivera protocol, which she began to implement in… Continue Reading →

Make An Autism Recovery Resolution!

A video greeting from Kerri Rivera:  If you’re on my email list (or reading my website) and have not yet taken action to implement my Autism Recovery Protocol, I invite you to take part now, and join me in… Continue Reading →

“When The ATEC’s Dropping – Kids Start Talking!”

Hello friends, just another wonderful testimonial to share with you. This one is from Dane’s mom. She is excited that he has begun speaking! Many of our parents wonder if their non-verbal children with autism will be able to recover… Continue Reading →

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