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September 2019

PANS/PANDAS Symptoms Improved When We “Got Serious” About The Protocol

Dearest Kerri, I am excited to write you that our child’s ATEC is at 18 after eight months on your protocol. Our child is 12 now, but at the age seven, the ”shadow-syndrome” that had been driving his behavior introduced… Continue Reading →

OUR MOMS NEED YOUR HELP – Please read & share this important message

Last week, we relayed a report from Laurel Austin whose son Jeremy has been suffering from autism since the age of 3 after a series of vaccinations. His MD reported one of his injuries to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting… Continue Reading →

Celebrating Another Autism Recovery

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am when a family who is using our protocol tells me their child has recovered from autism. This is why I do the work that I do, and I celebrate each… Continue Reading →

28-Year Old Autistic Son Improves Health and Autism Symptoms On Kerri Rivera’s Protocol

Autism Warrior Mom Laurel is working hard to help her four autistic children recover from autism. She has started the Kerri Rivera Autism Protocol and is very enthusiastic about her 28-year-old autistic son’s progress. This video shows the self-injurious behavior… Continue Reading →

2019 Autism Recovery Protocol Updates

Now that we are closing in on 500 documented autism recoveries, I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few updates to the protocol originally spelled out in my 2013 Book: Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism. Many people… Continue Reading →

JA Health Advocate Radio Show With Kerri Rivera

– Kerri Rivera Doctor of Homeopathy

Adult Autistic Son Begins To Recover Speech

Hello Kerri! My adult son Z has severe autism. We have been doing the diet for half a year and we started recently on the CD protocol. I just wanted to share with you that he said his first word!… Continue Reading →

Health Care Choice Has Become A Battle With Fake News and Censorship

Dear Friends, As we all know, parenting a child with the symptoms of autism is hard enough. Uncovering treatments that will effect improvement is even harder. Adding to the burden in recent years, fake news, censorship, and disinformation is obfuscating… Continue Reading →

Another Autism Recovery: Mom Shares Journey To ATEC 7!

After two years on the Kerri Rivera autism protocol, this darling girl went from ATEC 79 to ATEC 7… just in time for a successful start in Kindergarten. Her ABA aide was stunned! Despite battling with PANDAS and anxiety over… Continue Reading →

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