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July 2019

Health Impact News Feature: Autism Is Avoidable, Treatable, and Curable

Yes, it’s true! We just had a jam-packed follow-up article published by John Thomas at Health Impact News. In the piece, Mr. Thomas goes into detail about many of the supplements I recommend and how they work. Please go over… Continue Reading →

3 Months on CD – Social & Behavior Improvements. 2 Days on Vitamin D – Breakthrough!

Dear Kerri, We have been on the chlorine dioxide protocol since April 22 (3 months) along with enemas. My son’s poor behavior has lessened significantly. His social skills have increased. We just started Breakthrough Vitamin D, about 4 days ago…. Continue Reading →

Daughter Improves Toileting, Speech and Mood After Detox Foot-Bath!

Dear Kerri, We are all smiles! As you can see in the picture above… 🙂 If we do the foot-bath in the morning time she will be doing great during the whole day. That´s really amazing for us. And we… Continue Reading →

Keto Diet Approved Snacks For Kids With Autism

Dear Friends, I consult with parents of autistic children from all over the world. Many parents ask me what they should feed their kids at snack time. I will make several recommendations, but first I want to point out that… Continue Reading →

Kerri Rivera Appears on the Whistle Blower Podcast – Spreading The News of Autism Recovery

Date: July 19, 2019 Kerri Rivera is interviewed on the Whistle Blower Podcast! Check out her story of how helping her son recover from autism led her to start a movement helping other families from around the world pursue autism… Continue Reading →

John. B Wells Interviews Kerri Rivera on Her CD/MMS Autism Protocol

Date: July 16, 2019 Online television host John B. Wells is not afraid to report the truth – even if it’s controversial. Taking on many challenging topics, today he’s interviewing Kerri Rivera and learning how her protocol to heal the… Continue Reading →

18-Year Old Starts Answering Questions; Better Every Day

Kerri, Thank you so much for the Diet Video. (Editor’s Note, this is available here: It helps so much to have someone remind you of the fats and carbs etc. We need for our bodies to heal. My son… Continue Reading →

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt Endorses Kerri Rivera’s Work With Chlorine Dioxide and Autism

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is a well-known doctor working with Lymes Disease, Autism, and other related disorders. He maintains a clinic in both the United States and Germany. He has served as a mentor in the past for Dr. Mercola. In… Continue Reading →

MCT Oil Benefits and Dosing

Good news for those who have ordered their first bottle of MCT oil! There are now many scientific studies backing the recommendation of using MCT oil as part of a healthy diet for autistic children. Scientific Research Shows: MCT Oil… Continue Reading →

How To Help Your Picky Eater Adopt The Keto Kerri Diet

Dear friends, If your child is a picky eater, you may notice that he’s limiting himself to eating only a few foods, or avoids certain things altogether – like vegetables. Some kids will only eat “brown” foods, others avoid vegetables…. Continue Reading →

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