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June 2019

Breaking News Report: Chlorine Dioxide Is Safe And Effective Against Autism

I am so pleased that the tide is starting to turn, and brave reporters are now speaking the truth about Chlorine Dioxide and its impact on health and autism recovery. John P. Thomas at is one of these journalists…. Continue Reading →

PANS/PANDAS/PITANS – What To Do If Your Child Is Suffering

This video from my latest AutismOne Conference presentation details all the elements of my protocol. Start the video at 23:05 for PANS/PANDAS highlights. If your child or family member is suffering from PANS/PANDAS/PITANS, there is only one option for effective… Continue Reading →

Kerri and Dr. Seneff CD Breaks Down Glyphosate and Cures Autism

Selected quotes from the video transcript: Dr. Stephanie Seneff: I cannot believe that NBC let that get by. I mean talk about fake news, it’s amazing…. And she said one thing about FAERS which really perked up my ears because… Continue Reading →

CASE STUDY: Autism is Curable at 23 Years Old

Is autism curable at 23 years old? This mom proved she could do it with Kerri Rivera’s autism protocol, starting when her son was 19 years old. She did the full protocol with CD and diet and her son often… Continue Reading →

Glyphosate and Autism: The science

 The Medical Industrial Complex with all its hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue tells us, “We don’t know where autism came from and we don’t know what do to about it.” It costs a lot to buy this… Continue Reading →

Is glyphosate contributing to the autism epidemic?

Recorded in 2017. Over 200,00 views. Then YouTube removed it without cause. We are told that autism has “no cause” and “no cure.” But cases went from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 59 – according to the CDC’s own… Continue Reading →

Troll network supported by the mass media revealed

As you know, the conversation about alternative health on the Internet has been poisoned by organized groups of Big-Pharma supported trolls. They attack doctors, scientists, alternative health advocates, families with vaccine-injured children – and they’ve maybe even attacked you! Now… Continue Reading →

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