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May 2019

2019 Update On The Protocol – AustismOne 2019 (Please Share This Link)

 Now that you’ve seen the talk…Can you figure out why this information is being censored? Did you know that there is an alliance of unhinged trolls and dishonest reporters (see “A Response to NBC”) who don’t want you to… Continue Reading →

An Open Letter To Brandy Zadronzy and NBC

Brandy Zadrozny, When you wrote me to ask how I “feel” about having my book being banned from Amazon, I asked you if you had any medical or science training or experience working with autistic children. You said you did… Continue Reading →

Chlorine dioxide is safe for humans/CD esta seguro para uso en humanos

At 45 minutes in this video, chlorine dioxide is showcased.

Autism symptoms are a cash cow for the pharmaceutical industry

More info here: – Kerri

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