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March 2019

Interview with Dustin Nemos

Seizures Stopped

Hi Kerri. My son is doing very well after 5 days on your protocol. From Monday we started your keto diet and his seizures stopped. He is far more relaxed and is less anxious… My wife and I and especially… Continue Reading →

Miracles abound :)

Dear Kerri Just a quick note I bought the CD you recommended I started drinking the water the same day I have not had to take any digestive enzymes since I started using this product How awesome !!!!!!! I have… Continue Reading →

Miracle minerals…Minerales milagrosos

Fulvic acid is also nature’s most powerful natural heavy metal detoxifier. It has a unique molecular structure that binds to heavy metals, making them inert. They can then be flushed safely out of the body with the help of humic… Continue Reading →

Cure for kidney failure… – Kerri RiveraDoctor of

Interview March 24, 2019

A MUST!!! – Kerri RiveraDoctor of

Healing for ALS, Alzheimer’s and more…

Click on Link to read the patent. – Kerri RiveraDoctor of

Interview with Zen Garcia

kudos, Asperger’s cure

Kerri, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do. Last December I realized that I had a lot of the symptoms of Aspergers and I was absolutely crushed. I looking at a potential life sentence… Continue Reading →

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