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February 2019

We need EDTA and humic/fulvic more than ever because…

Air pollution, cognitive deficits and brain abnormalities: a pilot study with children and dogs. Exposure to air pollution is associated with neuroinflammation in healthy children and dogs in Mexico City. Comparative studies were carried out in healthy children and young… Continue Reading →

autism, chronic illness, mold

Click on the link to view the article. – Kerri RiveraDoctor of

CFS, skin issues, depression, non ASD patient

Hi Kerri I know it is late to say but I wanted to say How thankful I am. I almost lost my hopes of good life with severe skin illness and CFS which made my last 10 years like a… Continue Reading →

Curing more than just ASD

Dearest Kerri, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is almost two years ago since I got in touch with you and you decided to help me, although it was a risk you took. Thank… Continue Reading →

From a mom of a recovered boy…so happy.

Happy Birthday KERRI!!! I hope your birthday is filled with all the things you love!!! I am so grateful every day for your presents and the work that you do!!! May your day and year ahead be filled with all… Continue Reading →

Recovery is so sweet

Hello Kerri I was speechless today when the almost recovered son (ATEC 10) told me, “Mommy wake up it’s my birthday.” He was supper excited. He told me what he wanted for his birthday the boys turned 6 years old… Continue Reading →

Another miracle

Hola Kerri! te queria comentar el progreso de James, hemos hecho un solo PP y estamos comenzando el segundo, notamos que James habia prograsado bastante, comenzo a decir varias palabras y la atencion y la parte social mejoro considerablemente, estamos… Continue Reading →

CD cancer cure – Kerri RiveraDoctor of

Fasting for health look into it. – Kerri RiveraDoctor of


Kerri: This is unbelievable. We haven’t done Anything but CD. Not even near full dose and yesterday was the best day we have had in almost a year. PANDAS made her sad and irritable and a ticking time bomb. It… Continue Reading →

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