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January 2019

Another miracle/Otro milagro

Hi Kerri!!! How have you been? I wanted to just tell you how well we are doing. I think the Chondroitin has been so amazing for my son! We give him 12 drops 6 or more times per day. Lately… Continue Reading →

GcMAF/ RERUM/Chondroitin…the evolution

4 months ATEC 51 down to 19

Hola Kerri Ya te había comunicado que mi hija de 4 años bajo su ATEC de 51 a 19 en 4 meses. Estamos muy Felices


” On a very positive note. Last night he looked right in my eyes and said “Ah wuv you” and gave me a kiss. He has never said I love you before!”

Humic/fulvic chelates metals in the BRAIN…quela metales en el cerebro

Humic/fulvic passes the blood brain barrier and chelates the heavy metals like mercury from the brain. Just another reason why we all need 2ml of humic/fulvic 3 times a day.

HUMIC/FULVIC BBB removes brain mercury and metals

FULVIC ACID crosses the Blood Brain Barrier to remove MERCURY, heavy metals, pesticides and toxins from the body as well as in the BRAIN!! – Kerri RiveraDoctor of

Chondroitin’s little miracles/ Milagritos de Chondroitin

I tried 3 new foods today!!!!! Holy cows!!!! Zucchini cauliflower and paleo pancakes!!!!! Hope I’m not jumping the gun but it’s working!!!! Also talking tones like crazy… said ba be when I said bye bye !!! He’s never even attempted… Continue Reading →

New interview, please watch.

Ketokerri diet errors/errores

2 of the biggest mistakes that I find when I review the diet of the families on my protocol is not enough fat or too much protein from meat/animal. So, make sure that you are giving 50% of calories from… Continue Reading →


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