Thank you so much for the Diet Video. (Editor’s Note, this is available here:

It helps so much to have someone remind you of the fats and carbs etc. We need for our bodies to heal.

My son “K” has been opening his mind with foods. He will eat shrimp, beef, chicken, and chicken fried steaks.

It is amazing how much he has grown in this area of foods.

“K” is 18 years old now and he is getting better every day. He has answered questions for us, and he has never done that before this past month. It was a glorious day for us and him… I have been working on this for many years.

It has taken us a lot longer to get results, I believe, because “K” was so poisoned by the vaccines… He received the MMR, DTP, and rotavirus along with one more… 4 shots, 8 viruses. But he is healing and all children will be able to heal. We must keep trying and never give up…

These children can and do heal with your help. You’re an amazing doctor, Kerri.

When this happened to “K”, after about 5 years I was at my wit’s end and I prayed for help. That’s when I ran across you and Jim Humble, along with the MMS.

At that time you gave me hope and knowledge of the protocol and we started to heal our son. You gave me the strength and hope that I needed to help my son.

I will forever be grateful to you and your life’s work to heal the symptoms of Autism because, like so many, I needed that encouragement and detail on how to help my son.

You’re my angel in this world, you are my mentor for health. My go-to lady, if you will, because you get it. You know how to heal these children. Thank you, Kerri, for being so strong in this journey. Everything you do makes such a difference for so many injuries.

Forever grateful,
“K’s” Mom

P.S. I tell everyone about you and your protocol… well, the awakened people I know. And it is saving so many children. It keeps parents from thinking they can’t help their child.

– Kerri Rivera
Doctor of Homeopathy