“Unproven” Personal Reports and FDA Consumer Update Warning About Chlorine Dioxide

This is my short disclaimer about the information I am providing here. For a more detailed disclaimer go here. The personal reports I include here from others are unsolicited reports sent to me usually via email by someone who is grateful. They are “unproven” in the sense they are not proven by scientific studies to be safe and effective treatments for autism or other conditions. I am not saying these constitute scientific evidence or that they are representative of results that may occur, or that they have been substantiated by anyone with authority. These are merely positive reports I’ve received and I hope to stimulate scientific investigation of the techniques I have been using and recommending to find out why so many people sent in reports like this.

Anyone considering the use of chlorine dioxide needs to be aware the US Food and Drug Administration has issued a Consumer Update warning against the use of chlorine dioxide, see https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/danger-dont-drink-miracle-mineral-solution-or-similar-products. This warning and this stance taken by a government agency should be considered carefully by all parents. These chemicals are hazardous materials that must be handled with respect. In addition, dosages and guidelines must be understood and followed carefully. Myself and many other moms have found we could learn to use chlorine dioxide effectively, but this has yet to be recognized by government authorities. My recommendation is for parents to find a doctor who will be on board and supportive of using any of the self-help techniques I recommend. If you go searching, there are doctors who will be supportive.

Dear friends,

I want to share another success story from the mother of my young friend Max.

Max is recovering from autism, with a peak ATEC of 126. He would actively avoid interacting with family members, was anxious and not potty trained.

Max has made remarkable progress in less than a year’s time on the protocol.

See the story in his mother’s own words.

Max is 12, he weighs 94 lbs. He’s been on the CD protocol since beginning of July 2019.

He’s always been up and down over the years, with his worst atec being 126.

– Constant meltdowns
– Living in a state of perpetual anxiety
– Soiling himself
– No attention span
– Zero social skills and zero desire to be social and interact with others. Actually putting his hand over his own mouth and running away into a corner to show you he doesn’t want to be spoken to and interacted with.
– Cold sweaty hands which would leave actual wet patches where he’d touched.
– Avoided eye contact: If you tried to look at him he’d move your face away so you’re not looking at him. Would try and escape out of a moving car if looked at..
– Poor sleep
– Violent, aggressive behaviour during the frequent meltdowns, pulling people’s hair out from the root and then feeling so upset with himself for behaving like that.
– Absconding: Trying to run into moving traffic to get away during meltdowns.
– Speech: Unable to speak in sentences of more than 3-4 words, usually to tell you what he wanted. Diagnosed as speech of 18-22 month old in May 2019.
– GI Problems: Countless food intolerances, vomit profusely if I tried to give him sulphuric foods. Chondroitin sulphate made him vomit horribly even just 1 drop.

ATEC and Treatment History:

Pre-Treatment: Summer 2018 was ATEC of 126 and he was back in nappies (diapers).

Pre-Treatment: April 2019 his ATEC was as low as 110.

Began Protocol:

May 2019: Started him on black seed oil May 2019 and saw symptoms start to improve immediately.

July 2019: By July his ATEC was 57 when started the CD protocol. [Wow! 50 Point ATEC drop in 2 months from black seed oil!]

February 2020: Now his ATEC is 27 and I believe continuing to go down as his speech is getting better.

If you saw him last April, you would not think this possible.

Major Gains and Improvements:

– Mood: He is now calm, very well behaved. There is no anxiety, no meltdowns.
– Speech: He can carry on a fairly good conversation going back and forth perhaps 5-6 interactions.
– Sleep: He sleeps perfectly.
– Social: His social skills are so much better, as is his desire to be social with us. He interacts, sits with us, laughs at jokes, asks to play, tells me he has friends.
– Aggression: No violence, no aggression.
– Self-Expression: Types every day in full sentences about his thoughts and feelings.
– Self-Care: Self help skills getting better and better.


– Heavy Metals: Had him tested January 2020 and the aluminium is pouring out of him in “breathtaking” amounts (doctors words).
– GI Issues: His digestion improving. He is now on 16 drops of chondroitin sulphate with no vomiting at all. He is very affectionate, gives me cuddles and says, “I love you Mummy,” typed, “I want to be with mummy forever.”

EVERYONE is noticing the complete turnaround in him – many people have seen him at his worst and cannot believe this is the same person. I have so many parents wanting to know what I’ve done so they can repeat the same for their autistic child.

I’ve been trying to heal him for 7 years since he was 5. Some things made him better for a while and then he’d crash back down, worse than ever leaving me in despair as to what can be done to help him.

This is the FIRST time not only is he getting better and better but he is maintaining it. He is progressing massively- it is a dream come true. ❤️❤️❤️

Just to clarify – his ATEC is now 27 as of February 2020.

It was 57 start of CD protocol in July 2019.

It was 110 in April 2019, with its lowest being 126 the year before. It has been 126 before as well, when he was 6/7 years old.

Thank you, Mom. That is a very compelling story. Please keep us posted on Max’s ongoing success!

Friends, I hope you have someone with whom you can share this story. Whether it’s your spouse, a friend, or family member, as autism rates continue to rise it’s important that we help people understand that autism is a reversible collection of health issues, not a life-long neurological label.

– Kerri Rivera



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Shocks de 12 años Mamá: Recuperación del sueño, salud gastrointestinal y habilidades sociales en el Protocolo de autismo Kerri Rivera

Queridos amigos,

Quiero compartir otra historia de éxito de la madre de mi joven amigo Max.

Max se está recuperando del autismo, con un ATEC máximo de 126. Evitaría interactuar activamente con los miembros de la familia, estaba ansioso y no estaba entrenado para ir al baño.

Max ha logrado un progreso notable en menos de un año en el protocolo.

Vea la historia en las propias palabras de su madre.

Max tiene 12 años, pesa 94 libras. Ha estado en el protocolo de CD desde principios de julio de 2019.

Siempre ha estado arriba y abajo a lo largo de los años, con su peor atec siendo 126.

Síntomas incluidos:

– Fusiones constantes
– Vivir en un estado de ansiedad perpetua.
– ensuciándose
– Sin capacidad de atención
– Cero habilidades sociales y cero deseo de ser social e interactuar con los demás. En realidad, poniendo su mano sobre su propia boca y corriendo hacia una esquina para mostrarle que no quiere que le hablen ni interactúen con él.
– Manos sudorosas y frías que dejarían manchas húmedas reales donde las había tocado.
– Contacto visual evitado: si intentas mirarlo, alejará tu cara para que no lo estés mirando. Intentaría escapar de un automóvil en movimiento si lo mirara …
– Pobre sueño
– Comportamiento violento y agresivo durante las crisis frecuentes, sacando el cabello de la gente desde la raíz y luego sintiéndose tan molesto consigo mismo por comportarse así.
– Fugas: tratando de toparse con el tráfico en movimiento para escapar durante las crisis.
– Discurso: no puede hablar en oraciones de más de 3-4 palabras, generalmente para decirle lo que quería. Diagnosticado como discurso de 18 a 22 meses en mayo de 2019.
– Problemas gastrointestinales: innumerables intolerancias alimentarias, vomito profusamente si trato de darle alimentos sulfúricos. El sulfato de condroitina lo hizo vomitar horriblemente incluso con solo una gota.

ATEC e historial de tratamiento:

Pretratamiento: el verano de 2018 era ATEC de 126 y estaba de vuelta en pañales (pañales).

Pretratamiento: abril de 2019, su ATEC era tan bajo como 110.

Comenzó el protocolo:

Mayo de 2019: comenzó con el aceite de semilla negra en mayo de 2019 y los síntomas comenzaron a mejorar de inmediato.

Julio de 2019: para julio, su ATEC tenía 57 años cuando comenzó el protocolo de CD. [¡Guau! ¡50 puntos de caída de ATEC en 2 meses del aceite de semilla negra!]

Febrero de 2020: ahora su ATEC tiene 27 años y creo que seguirá bajando a medida que su discurso mejore.

Si lo vieras en abril pasado, no pensarías que esto sea posible.

Principales ganancias y mejoras:

– Estado de ánimo: ahora está tranquilo, muy bien educado. No hay ansiedad, no hay crisis. – Discurso: puede mantener una conversación bastante buena yendo y viniendo quizás de 5 a 6 interacciones.
– Dormir: duerme perfectamente.
– Social: sus habilidades sociales son mucho mejores, al igual que su deseo de ser social con nosotros. Él interactúa, se sienta con nosotros, se ríe de los chistes, pide jugar, me dice que tiene amigos.
– Agresión: sin violencia, sin agresión.
– Autoexpresión: escribe todos los días en oraciones completas sobre sus pensamientos y sentimientos.
– Autocuidado: las habilidades de autoayuda mejoran cada vez más.


– Metales pesados: lo hizo probar en enero de 2020 y el aluminio se derrama de él en cantidades “impresionantes” (palabras de los médicos).
– Problemas gastrointestinales: mejora su digestión. Ahora está tomando 16 gotas de sulfato de condroitina sin ningún vómito. Él es muy cariñoso, me abraza y dice: “Te amo mamá”, escribió: “Quiero estar con mamá para siempre”.

TODOS están notando el cambio completo en él: muchas personas lo han visto en su peor momento y no pueden creer que sea la misma persona. Tengo tantos padres que quieren saber lo que he hecho para que puedan repetir lo mismo para su hijo autista. 

He estado tratando de curarlo durante 7 años desde que tenía 5 años. Algunas cosas lo mejoraron por un tiempo y luego se derrumbó, peor que nunca, dejándome desesperado por lo que se puede hacer para ayudarlo.

Esta es la PRIMERA vez que no solo mejora y mejora, sino que lo mantiene. Está progresando masivamente, es un sueño hecho realidad. ❤️❤️❤️

Solo para aclarar: su ATEC ahora tiene 27 años desde febrero de 2020.

Fue el inicio del protocolo CD 57 en julio de 2019.

Fue de 110 en abril de 2019, siendo su menor 126 el año anterior. Han sido 126 antes también, cuando tenía 6/7 años de edad.

Gracias mamá. Esa es una historia muy convincente. ¡Manténganos informados sobre el éxito continuo de Max!

Amigos, espero que tengan a alguien con quien puedan compartir esta historia. Ya sea su cónyuge, un amigo o un miembro de la familia, ya que las tasas de autismo continúan aumentando, es importante que ayudemos a las personas a comprender que el autismo es una colección reversible de problemas de salud, no una etiqueta neurológica de por vida.

– Kerri Rivera


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